What is Covered?

You are heading off for the weekend or embarking on a round-the-world adventure, you can choose the cover that matches your trip. There is no need to pay for cover you simply do not need. We provide clear facts about the benefits and options so you can decide. Here are highlights of the included Benefits.

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Medical & Travel Accident Benefits

Covers for the medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or sickness.
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Pays for each complete day (24 hours) of confinement from the first day of confinement and for a period not exceeding twenty (20) days.
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Pays a lump sum cash benefit in case of loss of life or permanent total disability due to an accident while traveling and during the period of insurance.
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Pays for the cost of burial expenses to be incurred, if the Insured dies due to Accident during the effectivity of the Policy.
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Chubb ASSISTANCE - 24 Hour Worldwide Assistance Services

Arranges for transport to move to a more convenient location or to return to the Philippines if the insured becomes injured or sick while traveling, as approved and coordinated with Chubb Assistance.
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Arranges for the travel (economy return air travel) and reasonable hotel accommodation for one (1) Immediate Family Member or friend to visit and stay with the insured until he/she is medically fit to be discharged if the Insured is confined in a Hospital Overseas for more than five (5) consecutive days due to Bodily Injury or Sickness and his medical condition forbids evacuation and no adult member of the Insured’s Immediate Family is with him, as approved and coordinated with Chubb Assistance.
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Pays the Insured for hotel accommodation and travel (economy air travel) expenses necessarily incurred for one (1) Immediate Family Member or a next of kin residing in the Philippines to accompany the Insured’s minor Dependent Children back to the Philippines, if the Insured or Spouse is confined in a hospital overseas and there is no other adult to accompany home the Insured’s minor Dependent Children.
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Insured has access 24 hours a day during the covered period should travel or medical advice or assistance be required.
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Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Covers loss of deposits, charges for advance payments for travel or accommodation, or other charges which have not been or will not be used, but which become forfeited / non-refundable or payable up to the sum insured, if in the unfortunate event that the trip is cancelled before scheduled departure date.
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Pays the Insured in respect of Postponement Expenses or administrative expenses occurring up to thirty (30) days prior to the Scheduled Departure Date.
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Pays for the forfeited / non-refundable payments or deposits made by the Insured if a Trip is interrupted or the additional transportation and accommodation expenses incurred by the Insured from the place that the Insured left the Trip to the place that the Insured may rejoin the Trip up.
{{> show trip_curtailment.sum}}
Pays a benefit for each consecutive six (6) hours delay due to strikes or industrial action, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown / derangement of the Common Carrier or due to grounding of the Common Carrier as a result of mechanical or structural defect.
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Pays for every six (6)-hour period for Domestic Trip or twelve (12)-hour period for International Trip, that the Insured is prevented from reaching his scheduled destination as a result of aircraft Hijack.
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Pays for every full twelve (12) consecutive hours of misconnection (the misconnection being calculated from the actual arrival to the actual departure of the Insured), wherein the Insured’s confirmed onward travel connection Overseas is missed at the transfer point due to the late arrival of the Insured’s incoming confirmed connecting scheduled Common Carrier and no onward transportation is available to the Insured within twelve (12) consecutive hours on his actual arrival time.
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Pays for all direct loss or damage to the Insured’s baggage and personal effects within the baggage.
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Pays to compensate for actual loss of cash or banknotes in the Insured’s possession while Overseas, provided such loss is reported to the police having jurisdiction at the place of the loss no more than twenty-four (24) hours after the incident.
{{> show loss_money.sum}}
Pays the Insured for additional hotel, travel and communications expenses necessarily incurred in the country or countries visited in obtaining the replacement of a lost passport or visa.
{{> show loss_travelDoc.sum}}
Pays to the Insured the relevant Benefit Amount as stated in the Policy Schedule for every full six (6) consecutive hours that the baggage checked-in with the Common Carrier is not delivered to the Insured.
{{> show baggage_delay.sum}}
Pays the Insured for legal liability to a third party as a result of Death or an Accidental Bodily Injury to any person or accidental loss of property or Property Damage of that person.
{{> show personal_liability.sum}}
Pays the Insured for Dental Expenses as a direct result of Bodily Injury.
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Pays the Insured for Emergency Mobile Phone Charges incurred for the sole purpose of engaging the services of Chubb Assistance, during a medical emergency or if the Insured is in a Critical Medical Condition.
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Pays the Insured for every full six (6) consecutive hours of diversion, wherein the aircraft the Insured had arranged to travel is diverted at any single location from the time specified in the itinerary supplied to the Insured due to adverse weather conditions.
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Pays the Insured for financial loss sustained as a direct result of a credit, charge or banker’s card being lost or stolen and being subsequently used fraudulently by any person other than the Insured.
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Pays the Insured for every full six (6) consecutive hours that Insured is denied boarding on a confirmed scheduled Common Carrier due to overbooking and no alternative transportation is made available to the Insured within six (6) hours of the scheduled departure.
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Other Benefits

Covers the Insured for claim arising directly or indirectly from any Act of Terrorism.
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Extends the effectivity of the Policy, without charge, for up to the number of day/s as stated in the Policy Schedule if the Insured’s return trip is delayed due to Unforeseen Circumstances beyond the Insured’s control.
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Pays the Insured for loss of or damage to Home Contents kept in the Insured’s place of residence, due to specified causes while Insured is on a trip.
{{> show home_guard.sum}}
Pays the Insured the additional cost of putting the Insured’s pet in a pet’s boarding home if the Insured is prevented from completing the return leg of a Trip during the effectively of this Policy, as a result of Travel Delay or the Insured being Confined in a Hospital Overseas at the expiry of the Policy.
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Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided for in the Policy Wordings.