Policies purchased after [23rd Mar 2020] will not provide any cover for claims directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way connected with COVID-19 (or any mutation or variation thereof or any related strain). We will not therefore cover claims relating to any inability to travel, any decision not to travel or any changes to travel plans, nor any medical or health related loss or expense incurred, as a result of COVID-19. Refer to the FAQ for more details.

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Chubb Assistance

24 Hour Emergency Hotline +63 2 8864 0865 No matter where you are in the world. Ask for a reverse charge call in your visiting country and we’ll help you through with access to medical and dental treatment and emergency evacuation as the situation demands.

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Claims Made Easy

Process your claim as quickly as possible. What to do in the event of an insured loss under your policy, how to submit your claim and an outline of the required documents to support your claim.

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Quality travel insurance at an affordable price

With millions of travellers served, Chubb Travel Insurance offers high-quality insurance. We have plan options for all types of travellers, from frequent flyers and families to holidaymakers on a budget and adventure seekers.

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Access to a global team of travel experts

Purchasing travel insurance from Chubb means access to a truly global network. In addition to our wealth of local expertise, Chubb's operation in the Philippines is backed by our extensive global travel network and breadth of resources to serve your every need.

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Fast, fair and efficient handling of claims

Experience has taught us the importance of being proactive when managing claims. Chubb understands that a fast, fair and efficient approach to claims handling will bring about an expedited outcome and can help to deliver an improved result.

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24hours emergency assistance +63 2 8864 0865

When you purchase Chubb Travel Insurance, you are instanly covered by Chubb Assistance, our 24-hour emergency hotline that provides the support that you expect in your time of need, anywhere, anytime.