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The services provided in respect of Pre-Trip Assistance, Travel Assistance and Medical Assistance are by way of referral and arrangement only, and all expenses actually incurred are to be borne by the Insured Persons. Where expenses are incurred in relation to the services under Medical Arrangements, these will be borne by the Company. The services under Medical Emergencies are provided upon the specified terms and conditions of the policy and are available only when the Insured Persons are on a Journey.

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24 Hour Emergency Hotline +63 2 864 0865

Pre-Trip Assistance:

    Visa Information Services

    Inoculation Information Services

    Weather Forecast Information Services

    Foreign Exchange Rate Information Services

Medical Assistance:

    Telephone Medical Advice

    Medical Service Provider Referral

Medical & Compassionate Case Arrangement:

    Arrangement of Hospital Admission

    Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation Expenses

    Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation

    Arrangement of Repatriation of Mortal Remains

    Arrangement of Compassionate visit overseas (Travel and Hotel Accommodation Expenses)

    Arrangement of Evacuation of minor children to Malaysia (Due to their parents death overseas or medical evacuation)

    Arrangement of Compassionate return to Malaysia(due to death of an immediate family member in Malaysia)

Travel Assistance:

    Embassy Referral

    Lost Luggage Assistance

    Lost Passport Assistance

    Interpreter Referral

    Emergency Reservation for Airline and Hotel

    Lost Reporting Assistance

    Legal Referral

Medical Arrangements:

    Arrangement of Hospital Admission

    Monitoring of Medical Condition during Hospitalization

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