When am I covered?

Protect yourself each time you travel.

With Chubb Travel Insurance protect yourself each time you travel by purchasing our Single Trip policy or if you‘re a frequent traveler why not consider an Annual policy.

Single Trip

Maximum of 180 consecutive days per trip

Annual Trip

Maximum of 45 consecutive days per trip for an unlimited number of trips within the policy year.

Travel Smarter with Chubb Travel Insurance.

Travel Tips

It will never happen to me...

Travelling can be an expensive proposition. Purchasing a travel insurance can seem like the lowest priority.

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8 Unusual Airports

Airports these days offer so much more than just shopping and food. From giant slides to miniature terminals, not to mention priceless works of art, here’s our rundown on eight of the world’s most unusual airport terminals.

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The one item smart travellers never leave home without

Adaptable, affordable, unbreakable, reusable. Discover this one thing used by smart travellers.

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Travel with a heart

Add a different dimension to your travel when you are able to make a meaningful contribution to the local community. Giving back is so easy and enables you to travel smarter as you are spending on the “kind” stuff.

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