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Types of Plan & Eligibility

No. All coverage must be purchased before commencement of journey.

Yes, however, you may only purchase a One Way coverage. Coverage terminates 2 hours after your scheduled time of arrival at your destination.

The Insured must be a resident of the Philippines, at least 2 weeks old but not more than 75 years old on the Effective Date of the Policy.

Subject to the Insured being covered, the following are also eligble for cover:
a) Legal Spouse who is a resident of the Philippines, at least 18 years old and not more than 75 years old on the Effective Date of the Policy; and
b) Dependent Children who are residents of the Philippines.

Medical Cover

No, However, please note that there are exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions. Please refer to Policy Wording for full details.

Pre-Existing Condition means condition for which the Insured has been diagnosed, received medical advice, consultation, treatment or prescribed drugs by currently a licensed Physician or surgeon within a twelve (12)-month period prior to the Effective Date of this Policy. Condition as used herein means any specific injury, disease or infirmity requiring medical treatment, advice or medication, including all underlying or related conditions. Please refer to Policy Wording for full details.

No, Chubb Travel Insurance does not have this option.

Yes, it is covered if is resulting from an accident during the period of cover. However, this does not include costs of dentures.

Baggage Cover

No, the amount of baggage cover cannot be increased.

No, Chubb Travel Insurance does not cover any hired or leased equipment.

Yes they are but terms and conditions apply. Please refer to "LOSS OR DAMAGE OF BAGGAGE and PERSONAL EFFECTS – Additional Exclusions" in the policy wording.

This plan will pay the stated benefit amount specified in the Summary of Benefits for every six full consecutive hours of delay, up to the maximum benefit amount specified.

No, it would not be covered. Unaccompanied baggage is not covered.

The limit of cover varies depending on the plan purchased. For details, kindly refer to the Summary of Benefits.

Sports and Sporting Equipment

Yes. Sporting equipment is covered provided that these are checked-in as accompanied baggage with the common carrier during the Journey.
Please refer to Policy Wording for full details.

The policy does not cover Loss or Injury, and the Company will not in any event be liable in respect of any claim involving participation by the Insured or the Insured’s traveling companion in hunting, racing (other than on foot), polo playing, hang gliding, bungee jumping, sports in a professional capacity, mountaineering or rock climbing using ropes or guides, scuba diving unless the Insured holds an Open Water Diving Certificate or is diving with a qualified diving instructor, abseiling, ballooning, parachuting, paragliding or gliding (unless with additional premium and with the Company’s prior written approval).

Trip Cancellation

The policy excludes prohibition or regulations by any government, and so any Travel Cancellation or Trip Change claims related to this cause.

The following are the covered reasons:
a) death, Injury or Sickness or compulsory quarantine of the Insured or Immediate Family Member;
b) unexpected outbreak of Strike, riot, or civil commotion at the scheduled destination arising out of circumstances beyond the control of the Insured;
c) receipt of witness summons or jury service; or
d) serious damage to the Insured’s residence from fire, flood or similar natural disaster (e.g., typhoon, earthquake), which requires the presence of the Insured on the premises on the Scheduled Departure Date;

For (a) to (c), the events mentioned must occur within thirty (30) days before the Scheduled Departure Date, and for (d), the event must occur within seven (7) days before the Scheduled Departure Date.

Nomination of Beneficiary/IES

No. It is by no means a mandatory requirement. It is a choice of the policy owner.

Benefits payable under this Policy shall be made to the Insured; or in the event of his death, to the beneficiary designated by the Insured provided such beneficiary is not legally disqualified and survives the Insured; or in the absence of beneficiary designation, to the person or persons then surviving in the following order of preference: (a) legal spouse; (b) children; (c) parents; (d) brothers and sisters; otherwise, to the estate of the Insured.

The above FAQ should be read and construed in light of, and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Policy.

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